Northern Section (Portumna, Terryglass, Kilgarvan)

The northern section of the Lough Derg Blueway has four trail heads with seven easy to use indivdual trails, they are as follows:

Portumna Trailhead: GPS: 53.083562, -8.211579

​Portumna Recreation Park to Hayes Island​4.75 km round trip.1 hour 35 min round trip.
​Portumna Water Recreation Park to
Portumna Forest Park
​1.6 km to 6 km one way depending on the chosen turn-around point. ​35 min to 2 hr one way depending on the chosen turn-around point.
​Portumna Water Recreation Park To
Terryglass Harbour
​3 km one way. ​1 hr one way.

Terryglass Trailhead: GPS: 53.059660, -8.207137

​Terryglass to Slevoir Bay Loop​8.5 km round trip.2 hr 50 min round trip.
Terryglass to Kilgarvan​8.7 km one way.3 hr one way.

Kilgarvan Trailhead: GPS: 53.018130 -8.258392

​Fools Island Loop2 km loop.40 mins.
Kilgarvan to Skehanagh​7.7 km one way.2 hr 40 min one way.