St. George's Heritage and Visitor Centre

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St. George's Heritage and Visitor Centre is located in St. George's Church and Carrick Workhouse, Carrick On Shannon, County Leitrim.
The restored church, houses a well researched and exciting historical display of artefacts and interpretive material and audio visual displays depicting the traditions of Leitrim from ancient Gaelic roots through plantation times up to Leitrim's contribution and sacrifice in the Great War. 

Experience the rich and diverse heritage and history of Carrick On Shannon and Co. Leitrim through St George's Visitor Centre. You will understand the powerful influences that have shaped us to what we are today.

A visit can include St George's Heritage Centre, St George's Church, the Famine Memorial Workhouse, Garden of Remembrance, the Sensory Garden and the Costello Chapel. Carrick On Shannon Heritage Group restored and opened the church and visitor centre in 2008.

St. George's Heritage and Visitor Centre

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St George's Visitor Centre
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