Acres Lake Floating boardwalk on the Shannon Blueway...

Head into the blue to discover the Shannon at the new Acres Lake Floating Boardwalk

The Shannon Blueway is a network of multi-activity recreational trails, they provide scenic routes into the heart of rural Ireland by canoe, bike or on foot.

This exciting new development around Acres Lake includes an iconic floating boardwalk around the lake, extend the walking and cycling trails all the way into Drumshanbo, connecting it to Leitrim Village.

A day trip to the Blueways will relax and rejuvenate you. With a fantastic range of activity providers, and a great selection of activities to choose from, you will find inspiration in this section to get on the Blueways. Experience the Blueways on a Stand Up Paddleboard serenely gliding along still waters; explore this watery wonderland from a guided Canadian canoe trip; or breeze along on an exhilarating electric bike journey.